Choosing Bone Inlay Side Table Furniture Units That You Will Love

What exactly is Bone Inlay Side Table? Bone Inlay, also called “intarsia,” is a popular home decor trend where small pieces of natural bone or other hard material are carved into the mold. It’s most frequently used on flat surfaces like the backs and tops of furniture, or even the front of a bookcase. Some examples of popular intarsia pieces include candlesticks, wine glasses, door knobs, lampshades, and even a sink.

Indian Designer Handmade Bone Inlay Moroccan Round Side Table

I love using this type of furniture for my dining room, since the natural beauty of natural materials really tie the room together and make it look more luxurious. The nice thing about using bone inlay as a primary material for your end table is that it comes in a variety of designs to go with any look. Depending on what you like, you can choose from an array of browns, greens, grays, blacks, and blues. If you want something a little more unique, you might want to choose something like seashells. Just imagine how lovely your guests will be when they see this beautiful table top made of natural material. Another nice thing about using bone inlay as your primary material for furniture is that it is inexpensive, as it is made from natural animal bones and shells.

Before you buy a bone inlay side table, you should learn about the four main types of bone inlay. First there is decorative bone inlay. This is done by using a mold that is filled with a material that will make the shape of the carved piece. The decorative option is quite beautiful and can create a very dramatic effect, but it is not suited to every type of furniture and is actually rather expensive.

Next there is semi-custom and fully custom bone inlay. The semi-custom option uses a thin layer of your choice of color and textures on the front and back of the furniture piece. For example, if you wanted a piece with seashells and deep purple color, you could simply have this on the back of your dining room table.

The last type is fully custom bone inlay side tables furniture. This option uses the actual ribs of the animals. For example, if you are looking for a sofa with animal leather, you would simply place a piece of faux leather on the back of the sofa. This provides a unique look that people love. However, this option can also be rather expensive because it may take a fair amount of skill to carve these items into the exact right size and shape. Many people choose this option if they want something that really represents their home away from home.

The final option would be custom bone inlay side table furniture. This will provide the absolute best look for your home. You are literally making a piece of art that will be a focal point of your living room. These items are available in many different sizes and shapes. They are usually made with a thick, heavy, durable wood. They will provide an authentic look, but with affordability that makes them a popular choice among consumers.