How to Give Your Partner a Sensual Tantric Massage

When it comes to physical intimacy, there are many ways to connect with your partner. One way to explore your sexual energy and enhance your connection is through a sensual tantric massage. Tantric massage is an ancient practice that involves connecting with your partner on a spiritual and physical level. Tantric massage London is a popular and transformative bodywork practice that incorporates spiritual and sensual aspects to promote relaxation and inner balance in individuals. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of giving your partner a sensual tantric massage, from setting the mood to the actual massage techniques.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Before you begin the massage, it is important to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This can include dimming the lights, lighting candles or incense, and playing soft music. It is also helpful to set up a comfortable massage area with pillows and blankets. Make sure the room is warm enough so your partner feels comfortable undressing.

Preparing for the Massage

Start by having a conversation with your partner about boundaries and desires. It is important to establish consent and communication before beginning the massage. Ask your partner what they would like to experience and make sure they are comfortable with the massage techniques you plan to use. It is also important to make sure both partners are relaxed and focused before beginning the massage.

Begin the Massage

Start by having your partner lay down on their stomach with a pillow under their chest. Use a massage oil or lotion and begin by massaging their back and shoulders. Use long, smooth strokes and gradually increase the pressure. Be sure to pay attention to your partner’s body language and adjust your touch as needed. You can also use your fingers to gently massage their scalp and neck.

Once you have massaged their back and shoulders, have your partner turn over onto their back. Use a small amount of massage oil or lotion and begin massaging their arms, hands, and chest. Use circular motions and focus on the areas that feel tense or tight. Move down to their legs and feet, using long strokes and gentle pressure.

Enhancing the Experience

To enhance the experience, you can add in some tantric breathing techniques. Have your partner take deep breaths and focus on their breath throughout the massage. This can help them relax and become more present in the moment. You can also incorporate eye gazing and other forms of physical touch, such as hugging or holding hands.

Communicate throughout the Massage

Throughout the massage, it is important to communicate with your partner. Ask them how they are feeling and if they would like you to adjust the pressure or technique. Make sure they are comfortable and enjoying the experience. This can also be a time to express your own desires and boundaries.

Ending the Massage

Once the massage is complete, take some time to cuddle and relax together. This can be a time to connect and reflect on the experience. You may also want to take a shower or bath together to further enhance your connection.


Giving your partner a sensual tantric massage can be a powerful way to connect on a physical and spiritual level. By creating a relaxing atmosphere, communicating throughout the massage, and using gentle, loving touch, you can enhance your intimacy and connection. Remember to focus on your partner’s needs and desires, and always establish consent and communication before beginning the massage.