Tree planting guide and tips from tree service professional

Trees are a vital part of our environment, providing beauty, shade, oxygen, and wildlife habitat. Planting a tree is a rewarding experience that can be enjoyed for many years to come. However, it’s important to plant trees correctly to ensure their survival and healthy growth. As a tree service professional, I would like to share some tips and guidelines on how to plant trees correctly. Monster Tree Service Of Green Country East is a professional tree service company that specializes in maintaining and caring for trees in the Green Country East area.

The first step in planting a tree is to choose the right tree for the right place. Consider the tree’s mature size, shape, and growth rate, and make sure it is appropriate for the location. The tree should have room to grow and should not interfere with power lines, buildings, or underground utilities. Also, consider the tree’s light, water, and soil requirements, and make sure the location you choose can provide these.

Once you have chosen the right tree, it’s time to dig the hole. The hole should be two to three times wider than the tree’s root ball but no deeper. The top of the root ball should be level with the surrounding soil. The soil removed from the hole should be set aside for later use.

Before planting, remove the tree from its container or burlap, and loosen any circling or kinked roots. Inspect the roots and trim any damaged or broken roots. Make sure the root ball is moist, but not soggy. Place the tree in the hole, and backfill the hole with the soil that was removed earlier. Tamp the soil down gently to remove air pockets, and water the tree thoroughly.

After planting, build a berm or watering basin around the tree to hold water in the immediate area of the root ball. This will help ensure that the tree receives adequate water until its roots are established. The soil of the berm should be about 2-3 inches higher than the surrounding soil.

It’s important to mulch around the tree to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Mulch should be about 2-3 inches deep and should be kept about 2-3 inches away from the tree trunk.

It’s also essential to stake newly planted trees for support, especially if they are tall or in a windy area. Stakes should be driven into the ground about 18 inches from the trunk and be securely fastened to the trunk, but not tightly as to cause harm. The tree should be able to move slightly in the wind, which will help it develop a strong trunk and root system.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your newly planted tree. Water it regularly, especially during dry spells, and keep an eye out for pests or diseases. A tree service professional can provide regular check-ups and tree care services to ensure the tree’s healthy growth.

In conclusion, planting a tree can be a rewarding experience that provides many benefits for years to come. By following these guidelines and tips, you can ensure that your tree is planted correctly and has the best chance for survival and healthy growth. A tree service professional can provide expert advice and assistance to help you choose the right tree, plant it correctly, and provide ongoing care.